We Made It — CMD Celebrates 40 Years

by Darren Rankin

In 1978, the world was a much different place. Mail was an important means of communication, and the price of a postage stamp was 15 cents. Johnny Carson was the king of late-night television, and one of the most recognized marketing slogans of the year was, “Here’s to good friends,” to sell Lowenbrau beer.

At the beginning of 1978 — January 3 to be exact — CMD was launched as a training company, producing manuals and later compact disc educational sessions. That means that this year, 2018, we celebrate our 40th anniversary as an agency.

A lot has changed in 40 years. CMD is now one of the largest marketing agencies in the Pacific Northwest, offering a variety of disciplines ranging from strategic digital marketing and advertising to social media and technical services. We have evolved to meet the needs of our customers and a changing marketing landscape that is dominated by the impact of the internet and electronic communications.

Over the years CMD has transformed into a multilocation firm with offices in Portland, Charlotte and Seattle. Our clients range from high-tech giants to local companies, but they all have one thing in common: They need strategic counsel to communicate with their desired audiences and tell their story to further their businesses. That’s what CMD does best, and it is our reason for being.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary throughout 2018. We have a full menu of activities and celebrations planned to commemorate this milestone that few reach. Our research shows that just a select group of agencies can boast greater longevity than CMD.

To our clients, thank you for your support in helping us reach this watershed moment. To our team members, thank you for making CMD what it is today and for the awesome work along the way. To our future partners and employees, come learn about CMD and how we made it from the era of the 15-cent stamp to the digital age. It’s a great story — one that I’m looking forward to sharing this year.

Darren Rankin, president, CMD