• WE GET IT The rules have changed in your business and in ours. But the end goal remains the same: create the right tools that work together, at the right time, for marketing, sales and the channel. Knowledge plus collaboration—now that’s what we call synergy.

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We are the Northwest’s leading integrated marketing services agency

What We Do

In a world where the lines that once defined marketing disciplines have been blurred, it’s the interconnections between them that create the greatest impact and drive consumers to desired action. Combining those disciplines in just the right ways to deliver memorable consumer experiences is, and always will be, at the core of our business. See what we have to offer.

Synergy Delivers

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How We Do It

Metrics & Analytics
Ends the value debate once and for all by proving that marketing is indeed a business asset. Data, metrics and analysis drive campaigns from conception to completion: setting goals, providing guideposts, validating assumptions, determining success. Real-time reporting allows for actionable insights and course correction midstream. Plan, analyze and adjust knowledgeably. Reap optimal rewards.
Sales Tools & Training
Tools help sales pros with their conversations and conversions—direct and indirect, consumer or channel. Proven methodology leads customers along a clear path based on information gathering. Innovative ways of engagement keep them interested. No matter where your target is in the sales funnel, keep it moving with the right tools.
Direct Marketing
Get focused. Target the right people using the right methods at the right time. And do it cost-efficiently. Get trackable, measurable, positive responses no matter what the media mix. Opportunity assessments, game plans, contact strategies and messaging they can’t ignore put it all together. Go direct to draw attention, build loyalty and drive sales—B2B or B2C.
Consumer Promotion
Create an immediate reaction. Done right, it has a lasting positive, brand-building effect. Mobile, experiential, in-store, online. Premiums. Sweeps. Sponsorships. Partnerships. Mixed media drives ultimate impact. Grab their interest with smart communication and move the needle, now.
Nothing connects like personal engagement. In-store. Online. On the trade show floor or at custom events. Stop them in their tracks. Make them think. Link tactics and create an experience they won’t be able to forget.
Channel Marketing
Design and implement a go-to-market strategy that grows long-term market share and profitability no matter what your channel mix. Make multiple touch points easy throughout the sales cycle. Open the pipeline with sales tools and training. Fill it with promotions and sales support.
Digital Marketing
Digital distribution channels let you reach consumers more cost-effectively and with better relevance than ever before. You name it: sites, blogs, streaming media. Mobile, display and banner ads, RSS, digital outdoor. Combine multiple channels. Mix. Match. Deliver it compellingly. Prepare for maximum impact.
Strategy & Planning
Understanding your business goals lets us build a roadmap for customer, campaign and channel strategies that get you where you want to go quickly and with powerful ROI. Proactivity, business insight and years of industry expertise ensure the most direct route. The right metrics at the start establish the vision; insightful analytics allow for course adjustments along the way. Keep the big picture in view. Plan and succeed.
Earned & Paid Media
Establish relationships, share news, seed content, talk to and interact with the people who actually care about your business and the topics associated with it. Meaningfully participate in the spaces where your brands, products and services are relevant. Connect with communities, networks, forums and blogs. Earned or paid, mixed media is your message. Make it work by making it synergistic.
Advertising & Branding
Tell a story. Make it indelible. When your story is told well, affinity results. Affinity yields engagement. Engagement, loyalty. And with loyalty comes brand growth. Great brands have great stories that cross all media. Get your story great.


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      CMD’s VP of Technical Operations sets the strategic vision for how technology is integrated throughout the agency and drives key technology initiatives for business solutions that meet clients’ marketing objectives. We’re looking for an experienced leader whose passion for technology is tempered with a pragmatic understanding of how a cost-effective business is run. You will manage the technical services group (TSG) and the information services team (IS) and lead the agency’s technical advisory council.

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      Are you searching for an internship with opportunities to further your experience and education in consumer market research? Craving more exposure to top management? If you eat competitive analysis reports for breakfast and craft engaging presentations that same day before sunset, consider applying for CMD’s Customer Insights Internship.

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      Are you a detail-oriented person who excels when the game is on the line? If you’re a marketing veteran whose experience includes high tech, and you enjoy hitting the road for in-person engagements, we may have the job for you. An account supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day overview of assigned accounts and works closely with an account director. You’ll need a great personality, strong opinions, knowledge of B2B and curiosity.

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